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Below are some of the most recent projects we have completed. CAFC is looking for landowners who are interested in having watershed restoration ... shoreline management, partnerships, species at risk and invasive species.

Guide to Sustainable Living Cover.jpg

A Guide to Sustainable Living in Algoma

CAFC published A Guide to Sustainable Living in Algoma - both on our website and as a 5.5 inch by 8.5 inch 16 page colour and glossy booklet. The information is targeted at the entire Algoma region. The booklet was planned to educatepeople as to how they can be good stewards of our biodiversity and water. 7800 copies were printed and distributed to 5000 Central Algoma mail boxes.

Bruce Mines Marina.JPG

Environmental  Explore Local Recreation Map

CAFC published an Explore Local - Discover Your Sense of Place -Central Algoma Adventure Map  The map is a legacy item connecting Algoma residents to nature and raising environmental stewardship to consciousness. The intent of the map is to deliver environmental messages while at the same time creating an identity of place tied to the natural environments. 

Installing Agricultural Tile Drains.JPG

Living with Climate Change

CAFC published a - Guide for Algoma - Local Adaptations for the Climate Crisis. The guide is available on the resources - reports section of this website and will be available as a booklet in the spring of 2022. The guide highlights future climate scenarios to the local climate with "low carbon" emissions to 2050. Data is from the Climate Atlas of Canada (referencing Blind River)

Tree Drop Off.JPG

Tree Seedling Planting

Thank you to Sault College for donating 430 tree seedlings to CAFC. Thank You also to all the volunteers who planted trees on their properties. Due to the pandemic this year’s distribution was done minimizing in person contact. CAFC offered the trees in bulk numbers and asked people to request trees via email and have the trees delivered to the end of their driveway. Planting trees is always a very hopeful activity for the future. 

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